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At Lees Wood we’re proud to offer a variety of options when it comes to staying, with 2 accomodation buildings, a storm hut and several camping options, theres lots to choose from.

As well as Camping we also have our onsite shop, which serves hot drinks, as well as a host of Sweets, Drinks, Gifts and Toys.

Flight Oaks

Flight Oaks



Les Willis Cabin

Les Willis Cabin

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Nature Trail

The Nature trail comes in 2 sections, which can be combined to create a massive course! The First Part of the Nature Trail takes you on a Journey...

Photo Quiz

Our onsite Photo Quiz is always a good way to familiarise yourself with the site, available for free use from the shop.

Onsite Activities

At Lees Wood we offer a variety of different activities, from suction dart cross bows for beavers, to our 3 stages of difficulty on the climbing...

Offsite Activities

There is lots to do nearby at Lees Wood, but here are some of our highlights.   Large Scale Orienteering Course Lees Wood is bordered by...