At Lees Wood we offer a variety of different activities, from suction dart cross bows for beavers, to our 3 stages of difficulty on the climbing wall, we really do have something for everyone. 

Boulder Box

Cleverly disguised as a shipping container, is our Boulder Box. With both inside and outside climbs, our boulder box can cater for all. With games identified as you enter, it’s a real hit with the younger groups. There are more adventurous holds for the older child, with a ceiling route available – don’t worry there’s crash mats at the bottom that add to the fun.


Assault Course

The challenging assault course is next for our visitors to use. It contains a wall, balance beam, chain bridge, tyres, and monkey bars, swing and scramble nets. The smaller person may struggle in places with this course, but we’ve got something for them later on.

There is also an extensive adjacent tunnel system suitable for all ages.



The Fort

The fort located on the play area, is ideal for children under 10, a smaller friendly version of the assault course, it still allows the younger ones to experience the adventure.





Rifle Range

Our rifle range accommodates 4 people shooting at one time, using .177 calibre air rifles, introducing people to the world of target sport.  We have our own instructors trained and qualified to relevant standards who willingly give up their time to allow our visitors to learn this activity in a safe and enjoyable fashion.




Archery Range

Our Archery range has 3 stands, which allows users to have 3 targets operating at one time. With a variety of bow sizes we can cater for the smallest or tallest. We have our own instructors trained and qualified to relevant standards who willingly give up their time to allow our visitors to learn this activity in a safe and enjoyable fashion.

Suction Crossbow Range

Continuing with target sports, and step to the younger person now, we have our middle Range, also known as the Suction Crossbow Range, an ideal activity for beavers and brownies to have the opportunity to score points on our suction crossbow range.

The range is also multipurpose, and during busy spells can be easily converted into an overflow rifle or archery range.

Pedal Karts

The 5mph site rule, is often breached with this activity, it’s our Pedal Karts! Suitable for ages from 6 to 66, our Pedal Karts really do provide fun for all. Pedal Karts are not in a set location either, it sounds a bit poor, but actually it enables you to create the fun, whether you fancy building a course, or setting up a drag strip, imagination is your only limitation, grab some cones,  set them up and away you go. – Chequered Flags included.



Slack Lines

Slack lines are, just as the name suggests, are lines and they’re slack. Set up between 3 trees these lines can provide hours of fun, with the task of trying to cross them. It can be a great team building exercise or left as a personal challenge.

Giant Games

Looking for something a little more sedate after all the adrenaline fuelled activities, why not book our Giant Games. With Connect 4, Chess, Jenga and many more, our collection of outdoor games provides a great afternoon of something different.


Conservation and Service

With a lot of activity badges covering this area, we’re always amenable to helping out where we can. If there’s something you’re looking for your group to do, get in touch and let us know, whether its creating posters about litter, to planting trees, we can always find something for you to do. With this sort of activity, as much notice as possible is always handy to ensure we can give you the right experience.



Other Onsite Activities 


One of the most awkward things to take to camp is pioneering poles for building things with, so why not take the opportunity to borrow the onsite pioneering poles for exactly that!

We have a variety of stout pioneering poles, perfect for pioneering projects. All you need to bring is your bag of ropes. We have enough poles to cater for a few groups simultaneously, just pop by reception to ask for details.

Onsite Orienteering

Our onsite Orienteering course, is a great introduction to orienteering, with signs and pictures, it’s a really good experience and way to see the woodland.

Nature Trail

The Nature trail comes in 2 sections, which can be combined to create a massive course!

The First Part of the Nature Trail takes you on a Journey of around the front part of the campsite. With signs along the way it’s a real educational experience and a chance for people to learn a bit about the wildlife they may hear or see in the woodland. If you’re quiet enough in your approach it’s a great way to see Muntjac, Badgers and Foxes, as well as a few Nomadic Roe Deer.

The Second Part focuses on the Back part of the woods, and takes you into parts of the woods you possibly didn’t know existed.

A Nature trail quiz is available to borrow from the Site Shop, if you want to make it a bit more interesting along the way.

The Nature trail front section and quiz can take up to 45 minutes, with the Back part and Quiz adding a further 30 minutes.

Photo Quiz

Our onsite Photo Quiz is always a good way to familiarise yourself with the site, available for free use from the shop.