The Nature trail comes in 2 sections, which can be combined to create a massive course!

The First Part of the Nature Trail takes you on a Journey of around the front part of the campsite. With signs along the way it’s a real educational experience and a chance for people to learn a bit about the wildlife they may hear or see in the woodland. If you’re quiet enough in your approach it’s a great way to see Muntjac, Badgers and Foxes, as well as a few Nomadic Roe Deer.

The Second Part focuses on the Back part of the woods, and takes you into parts of the woods you possibly didn’t know existed.

A Nature trail quiz is available to borrow from the Site Shop, if you want to make it a bit more interesting along the way.

The Nature trail front section and quiz can take up to 45 minutes, with the Back part and Quiz adding a further 30 minutes.